Back to School!…. without a bathroom???

All across Mexico, kids are headed back to school this week. And just like in other countries, school children and their parents have been busy buying pencils and notebooks, getting uniforms and preparing, as families do, for another school year.

For kids in Los Reyes la Paz, the challenges around school are far greater than just pencils and notebooks. Some kids will go back to school this week to find there are still no bathrooms, or no useable or hygienic bathrooms at their school.

Project BaƱo has been successful so far: we’ve raised $15,100 and estimate this will impact almost 7,000 kids over the next several years. However, we have not reached our 20K goal yet!

Help us make this school year the best so far for thousands of students by taking this campaign across the finish line!



The Kingdom of God is built with friends

“The Kingdom of God is built with friends” is something we speak of a lot here at Urban Mosaic. The last few weeks we have been reminded of just how true this is.

A few days ago we celebrated the inauguration and opening of a new space at our Community Center in the community of San Jose Las Palmas. On Saturday we hosted a wonderful group of visitors for our bi-annual Come and See weekend. And we are blessed to be hosting two fantastic teams from Flatirons Church last week and this week.

We are seeing change, making progress and fostering hope- all of this done through partnership… building the Kingdom one friendship at a time.



We believe all people should live with dignity since they are God’s image bearers – part of that dignity is being able to move around your home or community at ease. Today we were privileged to partner with Free Wheelchair Mission to provide wheelchairs to 21 children in Lomas de San Isidro in Los Reyes La Paz, Mexico. These wheelchairs represent an incredible blessing to these families and allows them to have increased mobility and access. Thank you to our friends at Free Wheelchair Mission for partnering with us to make this possible!