This christmas, invest in Local Leaders transforming their Fragile Cities into SHALOM Cities


BECAUSE Leaders like
Gaby, Abel and Daniel
are making a lasting impact

For sustainable transformation to happen, we believe we must equip local leaders to take ownership of the transformation of their communities. However, for local leaders to successfully seek transformation and development in their neighborhoods, they need training, a values system and a community of support to walk with them and hold them accountable. 

The annual salary to allow a local community leader to work full-time with Urban Mosaic is just $4,000 USD.

This Christmas, we’re looking to raise $100,000 USD to hire and train 25 local community leaders 
so that they can work to transform their fragile cities into Shalom Cities and impact thousands of their neighbors.


Mexico, like many countries where extreme inequality and injustice is present, is a country rife with social challenges. So many of our communities are broken and disintegrated with high levels of violence and insecurity. There is a palpable lack of leaders who look out for the well-being of their communities. The leaders that do exist are often corrupt and self-serving and actually exploiting their communities.

For the past decade we have been working with local leaders, but in 2019 we significantly expanded our hiring of local community leaders to drive change in their neighborhoods. We are investing in raising leaders that are healthy themselves and have a base of spiritual values and shalom, creating projects in their communities to raise up more leaders.

In the past year, we hired and trained 18 local leaders. As a result of this investment we have seen mothers, fathers, pastors and young people set free to be fully involved in seeking change in their communities. Hiring more local leaders, like Gaby, Abel and Daniel, has significantly deepened our impact and allowed us to grow our work throughout multiple neighborhoods in nine cities in Mexico and Colombia.

Over the next year we want to expand our investment in local leadership. Hiring the additional 25 leaders will allow us to be deeply present in a total of ten urban poor communities. 

These leaders will go through our leadership training processes, receive monthly coaching, be embedded into faith communities to learn spiritual values, and will learn to work in a team setting; all of which permits these individuals to learn the critical skills necessary to bring about lasting change. 

They will be the ones who go out, bring their neighbors together, organize and mobilize to see transformation; be that in community health, with youth, children, working through sports, in schools, planting churches, recuperating abandoned lots, addressing crime, reducing corruption or mobilizing faith communities. 

This Christmas, help us set more local leaders free so they can fully devote themselves to being involved in bringing about change in their neighborhoods; seeking to transform fragile communities into SHALOM communities. 

Our goal is to raise $100,000 in order to hire 25 new local leaders at $4,000/year. 

These leaders will bring about more SHALOM in their neighborhoods, leverage local funds averaging $4,000-$5,000 each, and go on to impact at least 12,500 people through local transformation and development projects.

We invite you to consider joining with others in setting one or two community leaders free, so they can fully dedicate themselves to seeking change in their neighborhoods.

Information to donate in Mexico:
Transformación Urbana Internacional A.C.
Account Number: 8188-13610
CLABE Interbancaria: 002430818800136109


Join us as we seek to transform Fragile Cities into SHALOM Cities



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